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Civil Process Statutes & Court Rules
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Michigan Civil Process Statutes & Court Rules

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 Act 236
Search Entire Public Act 236 of 1961
CR 3.106 MCR - Procedures Regarding Orders for the Seizure of Property and Orders of Eviction.
435.101 Public holidays as to holding of courts; holding court or transacting business on Saturday; continuation of action, matter, or proceeding; adjournment of circuit court to secular day; validity of legal process, holding courts, or transaction of business on Saturday afternoons.
600.1811  Process; appointment of substitute server. 
600.1831 Civil process; exemptions; sunday service.
600.1908 Process; persons authorized to make service.
600.1910 Proof of service; methods; failure to make proof of service.
600.1917 Process; service on partnership or limited partnership.
600.1918 Civil action; service of process on person doing business under assumed name.
600.1920 Process; service on corporation; insurers.
600.1925 Process; service on public, municipal or governmental corporation, boards, or bodies.
600.1970 Service of papers; delivery to attorney; party; mailing.
600.2513 Allowable fees, compensation, or reward for service.
600.2555 Process server; traveling fees.
600.2559 Fees for service of process; fee for process with incorrect address; mileage; fee for service of execution and advertising; liability; "order for the seizure of property” defined.
600.2803 Attachment; conditions.
600.2805 Notice of judgment lien; certification; service.
600.2807 Property owned as tenants by the entirety; priority; exceptions; sale or refinance of property subject to judgment lien; limitation on proceeds.
600.2809 Judgment lien; expiration; rerecording; tolling or suspension of time period; judgment lien extinguished.
600.2811 Recording discharge or partial discharge of judgment lien.
600.2813 Failure of judgment creditor to record discharge of judgment lien; liability; filing of affidavit by judgment debtor.
600.2815 Person with same or similar name as judgment debtor.
600.2817 Judgment lien; additional and separate from remedy or interest created by law or contract.
600.2819 Foreclosure.
600.2952 Failure of maker to pay amount of dishonored check, draft, or order; liability; written demand for payment; delivery and text; effect of payment before trial; jurisdiction of action.
 600.5711  Entry on Premises.
 600.5714  Summary proceedings to recover possession of premises; holding over by tenant or occupant of public housing or by tenant of mobile home park.
 600.5716 Demand for possession or payment; form and contents. 
 600.5718 Demand for possession or payment; service. 
 600.5720 Judgment for possession of premises for alleged termination of tenancy; grounds for not entering; retaliatory termination of tenancy; presumptions; burden. 
 600.5726 Recovery of possession following forfeiture of executory contract for purchase of premises; accelerated indebtedness. 
 600.5728 Prerequisites to recovery of possession under § 600.5726; contents of notice of forfeiture. 
 600.5730 Service of notice of forfeiture. 
 600.5732 Powers of court having jurisdiction over summary proceedings. 
 600.5735 Summons; hearing. 
600.5739  Joinder of claims and counterclaims for money judgment; separate disposition of claim for possession; damages for labor expended by either landlord or tenant. 
600.5701  Entry and enforcement of judgment for possession; determination of amount due; award of costs. 
600.6001 Persons to whom execution issued.
600.6002 Execution; indorsement; date; return; death or incapacity of officer serving execution; certificate; jurisdiction as to joint or joint and several obligors.
600.6003 Execution on transcript of judgment by district, municipal, or common pleas court.
600.6004 Execution against realty; contents.
600.6005 Successive or alias executions; several executions.
600.6006 Execution; new.
600.6007 Execution; precedence.
600.6008 Execution; set-off; balance on appeal.
600.6009 Execution; officer's security; recovery of expense.
600.6010 Execution; return; misconduct of officer; civil liability.
600.6011 Effect of order to stay proceedings on execution.
600.6012 Execution; property bound from time of levy.
600.6013 Interest on money judgment.
600.6017 Execution; personalty.
600.6018 Execution; realty.
600.6021 Judgments; nonissuance of execution.
600.6022 Persons whose property is exempt.
600.6023 Property exempt from levy and sale under execution; lien excluded from exemption; homestead exemption; rents and profits.
600.6023a Property held jointly by husband and wife; exemption under judgment entered against 1 spouse.
600.6024 Exemptions from sale on execution; taxation; exception; purchase money mortgage sale; effect of sale of property.
600.6025 Execution; exemptions; inventory; appraisal; expenses.
600.6026 Selection from inventory; selection of homestead; survey; sale of property levied upon; deed.
600.6027 Homestead valued at more than $3,500; procedure.
600.6031 Execution sale; notice.
600.6032 Execution sale; personalty.
600.6033 Execution; property partially exempt; bond.
600.6034 Execution; property subject to chattel mortgage.
600.6035 Levy on perishable property; sale; order of court; notice.
600.6036 Execution; growing grain or unharvested crops.
600.6037 Execution; corporate shares; seizure by officer; furnishing certificates of shares held by defendant; writ; record of transfer; restraint on transfer; dividends after levy.
600.6038 Execution; franchise of corporation authorized to receive toll; notice; adjournment; person deemed highest bidder; rights of purchaser; transfer; injury to franchise; recovery of penalties; powers, duties, and liabilities; redemption.
600.6041 Execution; fees and charges of sale.
600.6042 Postponement of sale; public declaration; notice.
600.6043 Execution; where more than one levy.
600.6044 Execution; surplus; disposition.
600.6045 Execution; refusal of highest bidder to take property; effect.
600.6046 Execution; officer not to purchase or be interested.
600.6047  Payment by debtor of judgment debtor.
600.6051  Execution against real estate; effect; notice; invalid after 5 years.
600.6052  Notice of time and place of sale. 
600.6053  Execution; time, place, adjournment.
600.6054  Execution; irregular sale; taking down or defacement of notice; liability; irregularities not to invalidate. 
600.6055  Execution; certificates, contents; filing; disposition; recording; use as evidence. 
600.6056  Separate exposure of lots, tracts, or parcels for sale; sale of undivided interest. 
600.6057  Execution; leasehold interest; rights of purchaser; conveyance; deposit; recording; filing notice of levy; effect; payment of rent. 
600.6059  Execution; homestead; sale in case surplus not paid. 
600.6060  Execution; not made on equity of redemption on certain judgment; endorsement on execution; direction to officer. 
600.6061  Execution; rights of purchaser. 
600.6062  Redemption of real estate; time; persons entitled to make; effect on sale and certificate; amount stated in recorded affidavit. 
600.6063  Acquisition by creditor of interest vested in original purchaser by sale; terms. 
600.6064  Acquisition by creditor of interest vested in original purchaser by sale; purchase by other creditors; acquisition by original purchaser, execution plaintiff, or mortgagee. 
600.6065  Acquisition of interest of original purchaser; evidence of right of creditor to purchase. 
600.6066  Acquisition of interest of original purchaser; transfer of title; automation fund. 
600.6067  Right to deed; assignments. 
600.6068  Vesting of title; action for injury to realty by grantee in deed; action for waste, injury, or removal of realty or fixtures for benefit of person acquiring rights.
600.6069  Conveyance of premises; time; effect; executor, administrator, or person equitably entitled; real estate held in trust. 
600.6070  Redemption; discharge of levy, judgment, or mortgage; fee. 
600.6071  Contribution among several judgment debtors; order of contribution; enforcement; lien of original judgment; affidavit; recording. 
600.6072  Eviction of purchaser; recovery of purchase price; further execution for benefit of purchaser; validity of original judgment. 
Civil arrest; grounds. 
600.6076  Civil arrest; prerequisite. 
600.6077  Warrant to arrest judgment debtor. 
600.6078  Hearing; detention of judgment debtor. 
600.6079  Civil arrest; discharge. 
600.6080  Civil arrest; bail. 
600.6081  Civil arrest; bail; bond; forfeiture; release. 
600.6082  Imprisonment; segregation from criminals; payment of board. 
600.6083  Imprisonment; sheriff's liability for escape.
600.6084  Imprisonment; discharge; effect. 
600.6085  Removal or concealment of property to avoid execution; misdemeanor. 
600.6086  Transfer of property by judgment debtor after commitment; validity. 
600.6091  Sale of real estate pursuant to judgment; notice; procedure; fees. 
600.6092  Judgment against absent, concealed, or nonresident defendant; sequestration of realty or personalty; delivery of possession of property; satisfaction out of estate and effects sequestered. 
600.6093  Recovery of judgment against township, village, city, or county. 
600.6094  Recovery of judgment against school district. 
600.6095  Collection of judgment; against state institution. 
600.6097  Judgment against municipality; issuance of certificates of indebtedness or bonds to pay judgment; amount; interest; sale; duration; bonds not subject to § 117.5; "municipality” defined. 
600.6098  Review of verdict in action alleging medical malpractice or personal injury action; duties of judge; reinstatement of original verdict; affirming orders and judgments granting additur or remittitur. 
600.6101  Proceedings supplementary to judgment. 
600.6104  Powers of judge after rendition of judgment for money. 
600.8321  Civil process; service. 
600.8405 Service; manner; proof.
600.8406 Appearances; copy of affidavit and notice of hearing; application for new notice; jurisdiction to render judgment; continuance.
691.1407 Immunity from tort liability; intentional torts; immunity of judge, legislator, official, and guardian ad litem; definitions.
750.216a Badge, patch, or uniform of law enforcement agency or facsimile; selling, furnishing, possessing, wearing, exhibiting, displaying, or using; violation as misdemeanor; "facsimile" defined; exception.
750.216b  Emblem, insignia, logo, service mark, or other identification of law enforcement agency or facsimile; violation as misdemeanor; "law enforcement identification" defined; exception. 
750.217c  Legal process; impersonation, false representation, or action as public officer or employee; definitions. 
750.224a  Portable device or weapon directing electrical current, impulse, wave, or beam; sale or possession prohibited; exceptions; use of electro-muscular disruption technology; violation; penalty; definitions. 
750.248  Forgery; intent; felony; prosecution; venue. 
750.368  Simulating legal process. 
750.478a  Legal process; intimidation, hindering, or obstruction of public officer or employee. 
750.479 Resisting or obstructing officer, court officer, process server in discharge of duty; penalty; definitions.
750.481  Neglecting or refusing to execute process; penalty. 
750.483a  Prohibited acts; penalties; "retaliate,”"official proceeding,” and "threaten or intimidate” defined. 

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