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History by Tom Briggs
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History of MCODSA

by Tom Briggs

Greetings! You are being served up with information about the history of the Michigan Court Officers, Deputy Sheriffs & Process Servers Association. It all started when Don Boone sent out a letter to court officers and deputy sheriffs from around the State to come to his office in Lansing that we had not had a fee increase in years and that we needed to do something about it. I have not been able to locate the letter he sent, but it was approximately March or April of 1979.

Several people came to the meeting, maybe twenty to twenty-five. We jammed into Don's office with people hanging through the doorway to his office and some just outside the office door and into the outer office. We hashed over quite a bit and complained a lot.

All the people there wanted to go ahead and pursue a way to get an increase in fees. People signed their names and addresses. Instead of all the people coming back, there was a call for people to volunteer to come back and that the other people would be kept informed on what was going on. Some of us put money on Don's desk to help with costs and we set another date for our next meeting.

We quickly came to the conclusion that if we got organized we would have some power. A chance in numbers. We spent a lot of time just coming up with our name. At a later meeting, an attorney that also had offices in the building with Don Boone was Fred Stackable, an ex-legislator who agreed to help us incorporate and help try and get a bill passed in to law and act as our lobbyist. He was very helpful with his knowledge of the in's and out's of the legislature in Lansing and in getting our first bill passed.

Myself and several other people were concerned from the beginning that when we got a bill passed and got a fee increase that people would lose interest and that our group would disband. We needed something to keep things going. A glue to bond our group together. We talked about this often.

After much thought, I proposed the idea of our State Directory. That was the bond that we needed to hold our group together to grow and do all the other good work we have done.

About Don Boone: he was a deputy sheriff, court officer and in charge of the civil division of the Ingham County Sheriff's Department.

I worked with Don on the first and second bills we got through Lansing. We used the Boone's office, 310 North Grand Avenue, Lansing, Michigan for our board meetings and for our mailing address. Their office staff answered our phone for about our first 17 or 18 years.

The time was perfect when Don sent out that letter to come to his office that started everything.

Since our meager start we have gained the respect of the legal community and all the courts of Michigan. What else could we have asked for.

I remember how it was before the Michigan Court Officers, Deputy Sheriffs & Process Servers Association. I can tell you, as one we were like a voice in the wind, as a group we speak loudly.

I am very proud to have served and to have been a part of our history.

Tom Briggs
Court Officer



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